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November 20, 2015
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February 13, 2016
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An introduction to the MANY LIVES Futureverse

Answers to some frequently asked questions about the MANY LIVES FUTUREVERSE
1. How did I conceive Ruby Iyer?
When a young photojournalist was raped in the centre of Bombay in broad daylight a few years ago. It made me furious. But what could I do about it?  Then, I had a vision of a young girl who would not back down; who would follow her instincts, stand up for herself, regardless of consequences. Thus Ruby Iyer was born.
2. Why should YOU read the RUBY IYER DIARIES?
This 10,000 words novelette, is an easy, low commitment way for you to decide if you want to invest more time in reading the series.
4. What is the MANY LIVES Futureverse?
The MANY LIVES Futureverse begins with the story of Ruby Iyer and Vikram Roy in Bombay 2014-15. It extends to their progeny, with stories set in Bombay & London 2035 and Bombay & London 2060.  
The books planned in the Futureverse include:
The Many Lives story trilogy

  • Elusive  –  Kay Braganza must survive murder, greed and revenge and find an ancient magical sword, to claim back her power. She must also face up to her fatal attraction for Karim West
  • UnTamed –  Leana Iyeroy only ever wanted to be 100% human. A chance encounter with the hugging saint of Bombay forces her to face the wolf inside
  • Feral – He was the only person Maya wishes she’d never met. Now that she knows the truth about her origins can she return to him?

Brand new series, to be published by a mainstream publisher

  • Shoot The Moon: When Jai Iyeroy falls in love with Ariana West he must turn his back on everything he is to win back her trust.

The Futureverse  grows and develops with each book. As new characters emerge, I will follow the thread and unravel their stories too.

5. What connects all the books in the MANY LIVES Futureverse?
Ruby Iyer’s story is connected to that of Catherine of Braganza, the Portuguese princess in whose dowry Charles II received the seven islands of Bombay. Catherine’s sword has the power to control nature if and only if it is used by her direct illegitimate bloodline, for there is no record of her having had children.  As each generation after Ruby comes of age, turns eighteen and inherits the sword, their story is triggered.

6. Is it Mumbai or Bombay?
The city changed its name in 1995. I grew up in Bombay and the MANY LIVES futureverse is also set in Bombay, now a city that does not exist in the real world.

7. Why do I write?
I write to understand myself.

8. What you can expect from my books?
I believe you will find yourself reflected in one or perhaps many of my characters. I hope my stories will help you understand yourself better, help you unravel your own life motivations, just as I peel back the layers of my life when I write.

9. What is my style of writing called?
My style is ‘Suzanne Collins meets Haruki Murakami.’ Magic realist, fantastical, action thrillers, with young protagonists as heroes.  I have also been called a mainstream Angela Carter

10. What is the suggested order of reading THE RUBY IYER FUTUREVERSE
Each book is a stand alone in the series. 
This is ONLY a suggested reading order
The Ruby Iyer Diaries
Still to come
Elusive Life
Second Lives
Secret Life
Shoot The Moon Series
Now out
UnTamed Life: The Story of Wolfgirl Leana Iyeroy. A stand alone story in the RUBY IYER universe.  Part of the UnCommon Bodies Anthology

11. How can you reach me? 
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