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August 22, 2014

World’s best keeper of secrets : The Ruby Iyer Diaries – 6

Ma is away on one of her transatlantic journeys: this time in Europe to research her ancestry. Of late, she is more preoccupied than usual. I should be upset that I don’t feature more in the list of things important in her life. Truth is, I am relieved I don’t have […]
August 14, 2014

Why life is like one big hangover

A loss equals An empty space. A gap in the shape of a lost child. A parent looking down on you from another world. A friend who isn’t anymore. The spouse too far away to reach. A book whose last line has been written. It sounds so final, as if […]
August 5, 2014

This is me, alright? – Ruby Iyer Diaries 5

I pick up the glass and fling it against the TV screen, breaking it.  Damn! But it feels so good to give vent to my rage.  I wait there, welcoming that expected explosion of frustration from my ma. Now she has no choice but to notice me. You must have guessed […]
July 21, 2014

To kiss a boy : Ruby Iyer Diaries 4

This morning, my cousin Sonya told me about the gym class she attends at high school. Her family is staying with us on their annual trip from the US.  Gosh! Imagine a full hour of doing something so physically challenging. The idea of being able to swing from ropes is […]
July 12, 2014

You can be chirpy and abrupt, but never dour

After many attempts, at trying to get through to me on Skype, phone and email a friend from the US finally tracked me down on the phone. Steeped in the agony that is the last twenty thousand words of Ruby Iyer, I was pretty short with her; eager to get […]