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April 27, 2013

It is your choice!

The life that we have been taught to think of as normal—of doing the job, playing your part in the bigger scheme of things, one of the layers of the hierarchy of the food chain, a cog in the the wheel of the cycle which turns the world—and getting compensated […]
April 20, 2013

Avoiding the USP trap

From who’s point of view is the USP formulated anyway? From the POV of you the marketer, who is compelled to communicate in your preferred style? Of the sales team which is under pressure to meet their targets? Of the corporation which must recoup its R&D billions?Who then represents we the […]
April 11, 2013

Can you manage your social networks from the afterlife?

A young friend passed away in an accident and to my horror his Facebook profile turned into a virtual memorial of sorts, with people leaving condolences and fond reminiscences; and of course friends liking their comments too. Like the picture of my lunch, like the portrait of my death then?  Where it would stay […]
April 6, 2013

In Search of the True Miss India

When I was but a little girl, I remember my father mentioning Reita Faria, the first Miss India who went onto win the Miss World, in 1966. He held her up as a role model for my sister, and me as a true combination of beauty and brains. After winning […]
March 12, 2013

What is the future of content marketing?

The Westfield shopping centres generated almost £2 billion of sales last year as thousands of Olympic visitors flooded through the new Stratford mall. At the women4technology event organised by Bailey Fisher and Adjust Your Sets, Angel Gambino, entrepreneur and investor (SVP Digital Innovation at Westfield Shopping town during the 2012 […]