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August 3, 2012

Marie Borthwick : Stillwaters run deep

One of the most incredible things about being an author is how you travel with the book to poetically named places like Stillwater, Minesotta–which is where my next young reader MARIE BORTHWICK is from. The very motivated & energetic Marie is a key member of the dynamic Novel Publicity team […]
July 29, 2012

Who’s that girl? In the Indian Olympic Contingent

The morning after the opening ceremony, here I was in London; still high from the emotions the event had evoked in me, moved by its passion, touched by its genuine soul, when my husband chuckled “Have you seen the headlines in the Indian newspapers?” What, what? What could possibly be […]
July 29, 2012

Letting Go: Indie Marketing Made Easy – David Biddle

So, your beloved novel, your fifth limb so to speak, is suddenly no more; its out there in the real world in front of the general junta, to be read & hopefully liked? But hang on! How do you actually change overnight from being an Author Avatar to pimping your […]
July 28, 2012

My life in the Opening Ceremony soundtrack

So, by now everyone agrees that Beijing had money but the London Olympics opening ceremony had soul and that it was gloriously, quirkily, eerily British. Yet, the reason this event resonated with so many of us around the world is because it spoke an universal language. Danny Boyle’s real genius lay […]
July 25, 2012


The last twelve months have been a particularly intense one for me and Naman—my husband . One filled with coincidences & milestones. A chance meeting between Naman and the amazing Jayapriya Vasudevan (Jacaranda literary agency) in Singapore, led to him writing a book on the life of Superstar Rajinikanth. Suddenly […]