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April 1, 2012

The Inspiration Games

“It was India which invented the bow & arrow” my Dad blustered over the phone from Bombay, “remember Arjuna’s skill at archery? How he could concentrate till he saw nothing else but the target and shoot it with unerring precision time after time….”  He had just returned from seeing the Hunger […]
March 22, 2012

It’s a book Mrs. Walker!

After a nine year long gestation I finally delivered last Sunday. No fanfare, no blood or gore. Just a simple slipping into the real word through the vortex of my imagination. I trembled with excitement and fear. As I held the thumbnail of the book in my mind’s eye, there […]
March 12, 2012

In search of my cover

I am terrified. As I take baby steps towards the bold world of self e-publishing, I quake with fear. What if, …no I know, that everyone is so gonna hate it. In preparation for my harshest critics, I keep my fingers crossed that someone somewhere will download and read the […]
January 22, 2012

Oprah goes to Bollywood (Slumdog Millionaire-ss)

It was this tweet from Amitabh Bachchan aka God in Bollywood which first caught my attention “…And Oprah in sari .. looking lovely !!” Of course I promptly retweeted it first, then paused to check out the veracity of picture. It really was her. The goddess of chat-shows looking slightly uncomfortable in […]
January 17, 2012

Enter the (year of the) dragoness

It’s not a coincidence that I ended 2011 with an unhealthy fascination for dragons. Watching The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, fascinated by the dragons in the HBO series Kingdom of Thrones, and finally this week meeting up with ten other dragoness’ . Many of them entrepeneurs – women entrepreneurs […]