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October 3, 2011


The world burned this weekend. Heated pavements,  rivulets of sweat pouring down the un-shirted joggers, flowers blossoming in abrupt surprise and the fallen leaves evaporating before twilight. And with it the last vestiges of the veil lifted from my eyes. She told me it was the giant hand hand of […]
September 17, 2011

Touched by an alien

 Was watching an ESPN promo cut by a colleague yesterday. The man in the ad is so obsessed by the FA cup that he uses his fork to shape his mashed potatoes into the FA cup itself. And then I had a flashback – the scene clearly lifted from Close […]
September 11, 2011

The sad figure that tries again and again

He nodded. “There is always a ghost of you if things hadn’t worked out,” he said glumly. “This sad figure trying and trying and trying.” He mustered a smile. “Anyway, it did work,” he said. “He’s gone away.”Not for me yet. For I am that figure. The one who tries […]
September 6, 2011

Sane yet insecure

Really interesting piece @naman sent me today about writing a book. So is it really sane working in a higher paying job? Pays the mortgage. And that is important. But sanity….? ummm!“You’ll probably screw it up (I did). You’ll probably learn and improve (I did). If you’re lucky, you’ll make […]
September 4, 2011

Ice Ice Baby

Ok. Now you know it. My secret. I am a closet weights junkie. No kidding. Over seven years, four countries and 3 continents. My love for weights and rock music has sustained me. Another new city and new set of non-friends. Where did I go before being forced to head […]