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September 4, 2011

Ice Ice Baby

Ok. Now you know it. My secret. I am a closet weights junkie. No kidding. Over seven years, four countries and 3 continents. My love for weights and rock music has sustained me. Another new city and new set of non-friends. Where did I go before being forced to head […]
August 29, 2011


Hi I am Laxmi and I am a non-writer. It has been nearly 2 weeks since I last wrote my novel. And here I am wandering around Camden Market on saturday morning. The place is buzzing with promise a young girl band sing their hearts out waiting to be discovered […]
August 21, 2011


Ha! summer holidays and all that. Sunshine everywhere and not a word of writing in sight. Not that I am on holiday but its just this feeling of laziness, where everything around me is touched by a shimmering layer of gold. A midas touch if you please, where everything touched […]
August 16, 2011

In search of my mojo

Its been a mixed month. Looting and my adopted world gone crazy. And on India’s 64th Independence Day the F1 makes the local villages multi millionaires overnight. Which begs my father to ask me again why do I live and do what I do. Good question. No simple answers. Especially […]
July 24, 2011

ABOUT THE VETALA | The Vetala – No Longer a Myth

ABOUT THE VETALA | The Vetala – No Longer a Myth Love this. For the first time found an american series with a nod to Hindu Mythology! Check out The Vetala