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March 22, 2011


The big metropolises I lived in have played a big role in my life. They shaped my destiny. I was a different person with each of them. The urban restlessness of Hong Kong sparked off the stories, the full-on eight dimensional sensory experience of Bombay & the effervescent every changing […]
March 19, 2011

Free to be

“That’s another peculiar Half Life tradition. We don’t want to chronicle the past, just in case it falls into the wrong hands,” comments Rai. “You mean in the hands of humans?” asks Yudi Rai nods “The human race has a tradition of exploiting and manipulating, interpreting the yesteryears to their […]
March 17, 2011


The technology of thought travel was invented and lost here. A secret place; hidden away, sunk in mud, covered with cigarette butts, cigar ash and popcorn kernels; where the film of the world nevertheless continues to re-run, ad infinitum. It is said that, Marcodolo the legendary space explorer who had […]
February 23, 2011

Through the silver screen

“I’m in,” says Tiina. Yudi hesitates at first. Then slowly draws himself up to his feet and follows them in. They step over the threshold into the theatre. The black curtain falls back from the silver screen in an angelfish swish and the opening credits of Tarantino’s From Dusk until […]
February 20, 2011

First love

True Love  makes Yudi feel like a master of the Universe Yudi lays Maya on the royal couch then looks at the other girl. Understanding dawns on him that he has just met Tiina and Maya, the twin princesses of Ka Surya. He folds his hands together in greeting and bows […]