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December 12, 2009

Heaven and Hearth

……”Not at all.” The Goddess smiles and says, “You must be hungry.” As she mentions it, Rai realizes that he has not eaten in days. In fact, he has no recollection of when he has last eaten. She leads him into the woods and through to a clearing that seems […]
December 6, 2009

Instant Karma (Excerpt from the book)

Towering minarets covered in gold, crystal buildings soaring into the sky reaching for the Gods, beautiful streams winding their ways through the various buildings on which sail maidens in their swan boats. And above the scene, casting a stately eye on the proceedings below, are majestic inter galactic crafts gliding […]
November 21, 2009


In the months gone byLooking for a space to surviveto live, thrive and createBirthing the words in my mind.Streaming from the above to the belowIn the centre am I.Following parallel streams of thinkingwhich criss cross the arrows of life.Believing that in the distanceDwells that which is better than virtual reality
October 18, 2009

what the astrologer says

The stars weave the wayhe, she, it, they all saythings will be ok.And yet as I look aheadRemembering to stay in the momentDown the spiral staircaseof the abode that is not to be.Another is the solutionFor it is the simple joys of everydaywhich reveal games we play.
October 9, 2009

on a knife edge

taking a deep breath and sinking into the stillness. the heart thuds, rejoicesslowly deeply forever in syncwith the fears of the inner childtrying just to be in the here and nowcapturing thoughts cast out on the waves of timepeaks and crests, as under the surfaceemotions struggle to revivethe big wide […]