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October 9, 2009

on a knife edge

taking a deep breath and sinking into the stillness. the heart thuds, rejoicesslowly deeply forever in syncwith the fears of the inner childtrying just to be in the here and nowcapturing thoughts cast out on the waves of timepeaks and crests, as under the surfaceemotions struggle to revivethe big wide […]
September 26, 2009


Human drama.just an excuse,to set the stage,to set them apart,to trigger them into playing their rolesto fill the blanksand build the future
September 20, 2009

All serene then on the frontier

After the years of being bombarded by emotions and the need to want to move, do more, be somewhere else when I am here, it seems I am moved to a place of a little more clarity.  Call it simplifying. Prioritizing. Focusing on that which is important. Expending energy on […]
August 22, 2009


I’ve always wanted to define myself. Yet often wonder why this need to categorise? Has this pigeon holing become such a way of life that one needs to define to understand? Probably not. But its easier to start somewhere. Find a focus. Pinpoint what I am and then set course?Navigator. […]
August 8, 2009


The three of them from different backgrounds,in this city of tomorrow.Drawn to each other unknowinglyfrustrated, trying to figure outthe puzzle they are woven into.It’s real, yet they disbelieve and doubtthe imagery and the changes,which by just being therein that time and space,they have made, to their own lives.Romance, lust and […]