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February 2, 2008

The triangle

Tina and Richard took the controls of the ship, then looked at Yudi expectantly. He stood between them, near, yet a little apart, staring ahead into the darkness as if for inspiration, then despite himself exclaimed “Ah!” “What? ” asked Tina impatiently “Come on Yudi, surely you can’t hesitate now?” […]
January 26, 2008

The Nemesis

“Are you sure this where the underground chamber is supposed to be?” asked Tina doubtfully “Absolutely” said Yudi “Let me do the honours” and so saying he walked forward the chip on his 3rd eye lighting up again as they move forward through the dark passageway. The light in his […]
January 19, 2008

The Secret

Control well it had to be control tightly held together that would keep them in check. As he felt himself approaching the void a small voice called him, Yudi – Yudishtra ? And instantly he felt the dark rage ebb away, recede. He turned around to come face to face […]
January 9, 2008

Hypnotic dances with demons

They walked through the golden archways into paradise or something like it. Following the sound of salsa dancing a very familiar music they walked into the dance house. And saw a familiar figure. Richard the demon dancer, stars on his jacket, hypnotising people on the dance floor. Even as they […]
January 3, 2008

Get thee behind me

“To find and close the missing link, or indeed to be the missing link. That’s your fate” said the old man “But first you have to experience it all – all forms of temptation, joys, sorrow, happiness” “Lust?” asked Yudi hopefully “That too” he said “what’s life without lust eh? […]