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December 12, 2007

The 13th Post

Richard stood quietly observing the flow of energy. The tricky part was to tap into it really. He held out his palms to the universe consecrating himself and his fear, his aspirations and goals all to the greater good. Then he unfurled the whip coiled at his side and sent […]
December 7, 2007

Last supper of sorts

They stood there not really knowing what to do next. Not really caring if the tide of black light actually swept them away. The light ebbed and flowed around them. They held onto each other feeling helpless . “Reach for your purple transformer Yudi” she said “ You have to. […]
November 17, 2007

Leashed and young

Just spent 48 hours under the sheetsEmerging to a world UnchangedReassuringlyStill petrified about the futureNaturally put a tight leash on my imaginationThat’s always one step fromSelf destructionA smile at a timeWhen life might go of-kilterOff the railsA high speed train crashingAnd its not the Eurostar Pulled up Capped LeashedTightly reassuringly […]
November 11, 2007


Went walking on Hampstead Heathleaves from autumn fallsSpringing under my feetBeautifulpeace in the worldIts amazing I never did this before– seeing everything through new eyes A different person almost it seems I am
November 11, 2007


Together they managed to fly until there was no more space between them and the deep skies. Through the clouds a classic Superman superhero pose, holding hands all very lover like.Yudi had changed – of course, older, deeper, and wiser. More sculpted grooves in his cheek. A belly in between. […]