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Join Laxmi’s Review Team

What does the Review Team do?

Members of the team review Laxmi’s books in exchange for free review copies. These could be backlist titles, new releases, or “coming soon!” titles.

What are you agreeing to by joining?

NOTE: We can’t guarantee a spot for everyone. An admin will be running the group, but social media profiles will be checked to make sure you’re real, and failure to provide a full name means we can’t add you.

  1. Guidelines for being a reviewer will be enforced. The admin of the group has final say on who does and does not remain a member of the group. Please don’t contact the author about this, as Laxmi won’t be running the group and is giving discretion of this process over to the admin.
  1. Please only sign up if you’re a fan of the genre(s) being offered. If you don’t like paranormal books, psychic themes, fated mates, sci-fi, urban fantasy, intense romance, erotic, first person, present tense, getting under the skin of the character with attention to internal musings, OR if you DO need every single detail of the world building to be spelt out for you etc.,  then please don’t sign up to be a reviewer. Spots are limited.
  2.   Members are not required to review every book offered, but may lose their spot on the review team if they  do not review at all over a certain period of time (time period will vary depending on how many books are offered).
  3.  Once an ebook is requested and sent to a review team member, the member has up to 3 weeks to read, review and post the review to either/and/or Amazon, Goodreads, Apple/iBooks, Kobo or Barnes & Noble.
  4. Members are required to submit the link(s) to their posted review for every book they request to review. If they don’t, they can’t remain in the group.
  5. Ebooks are available in MOBI or EPUB formats only (via instafreebie, which makes it easy to download books, no matter what device you use).
  6. Members are responsible for loading files onto their reading device. Ebooks sent with embedded information to prevent copyright infringement and piracy.
  7. You must be 18 years or older to join
  8. If all the above works for you then do please click here to ask to join Laxmi’s REVIEW TEAM
  9. If you are more interested in giveaways and freebies and fun stuff then you may want to click here and ask to join Laxmi’s STREET TEAM instead.


Laxmi’s Review Team

***Laxmi’s books are DMCA Enforced. Pirating books and other creative works is against the law (and extremely uncool to authors)***

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