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The pursuit of that Elusive moment of happiness

It’s nice to have a craft, something that draws you in completely, that you can keep going back to every day. One which is there for you without fail. One which you can immerse yourself in, more than you could ever in another person. As wide as nature, as deep...

What does it mean to be fearless? #amwriting

I started 2016 with one goal in mind – to be fearless. Now, I can’t really explain what that means, to be fearless. Except that after many years of living upto the expectations of a. My parents: This never goes away. Whatever I do I am still that 5 year...

UnTamed excerpt

I am very excited that my short story UnTamed has been picked to be part of the UnCommon Bodies Anthology, a collection of 20 beautifully irreverent stories which blend the surreal and the mundane. Here is a short excerpt from UnTamed a stand alone story in the RUBY...

Never Saw It Coming

Because I’m trying my hand at short fiction …   Never Saw It Coming “He spent his last £30 on a plate of oysters and a glass of champagne.” “But he’s vegetarian!” I exclaim before I can stop myself. “Is he?” Kieran...
Laxmi Hariharan - Exhale

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