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To kiss a boy : Ruby Iyer Diaries 4

This morning, my cousin Sonya told me about the gym class she attends at high school. Her family is staying with us on their annual trip from the US.  Gosh! Imagine a full hour of doing something so physically challenging. The idea of being able to swing from ropes is...

All my life I have had one Enemy… Me

Ruby Iyer Diaries 3Thwack! The ball hit the bat, and Sid batted it away, before running like crazy between the wickets. One run, two… Three runs! Wow!  Not that he deserved it of course, considering he and that Tania— what kind of a name was Tania anyway? — were going...

The Ruby Iyer Diaries #2 : Dare you

I have always been addicted… To adrenaline. It was right in the middle of my summer holidays. The sun rippled through the fronds of the coconut tree. Placing my hands on the low wall, which separated my apartment block from the one next door, I heaved one leg onto the...
Laxmi Hariharan - Exhale

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