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March 29, 2017
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Claim your free copy of paranormal romance EXHALE #amreading

About Exhale

NY.Exhale by Laxmi Hariharan low resolutionSofia stumbles across a revelation that will change her life forever. Will she accept her fate as the chosen human who will mate with an Ascendant to propagate a new species or will she take destiny into her own hands?

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I have always been fascinated by the unseen both in the real world and especially in relationships. I also love reading strong romance stories that fulfill that ‘something’ in me. Stories that go beyond just falling in love to the struggle to discover what lies beneath the surface of the other person, to finding a different part of oneself through falling in love. In the Ascendants series I explore my love for the unseen as well as the kind of love and relationships which change you, and your destiny.

EXHALE is also the prequel to REDEMPTION – Ascendants 1 (part of the Many Lives Universe)

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  1. Lori STANGO says:

    Interesting story line!! I would love to read this adventurous story in its entirety. Thanks