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March 26, 2015
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March 28, 2015
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Follow your passion

I often look at successful actors, directors, writers, poets really anyone in a creative profession and envy them. When I read their life-histories what comes through is that they had no option but to follow their heart. They never had a choice, did not need to consider a choice. Not all of them had money, or came from privileged backgrounds.

But what many have in common is knowing what they wanted to do pretty early in life. And they followed their intuition. Yes they wanted to be successful and be famous and make a lot of money. But that wasn’t the driving need. Foremost in their mind was the need to be fulfilled. To simply do what made them happy.  Its taken me most of my adult life, but I finally get it.

Just follow your passion.

It really is as simple as that.

But for many of us it wasn’t. There were too many other people who told us we couldn’t. And we were impressionable enough to believe it. I wasn’t one of those who was able to look beyond the immediate chatter of my peers and parents. I believed them when they told me I had to conform. So I never tried my hand at the one thing that would make me happy.

But now I know better.

And I also know the myth— that if you do follow your passion, you will end up poor —is just that. A myth.

I am far poorer if I don’t try. If I don’t follow my heart then what is there to life. And no I may not be successful (by the standards of the world) but for me all there is … is to keep coming back to the red thread in my life.

That, which fires me up, makes me feel more alive than ever before.

That, which makes me in sync with the world around me.

When I feel like this I know its the truth.

And I will keep chasing it, and keep coming back to it.

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