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February 8, 2014
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How India’s first Crowdsourced Library launched

Thanks to Mr. Crowdsourced Library (CSL) — or  @PeculiarBlend or the Owl Hynpotiser as he refers to himself on twitter — India now has its very first Crowd Sourced Library, for books.

A modern day take of that wonderful concept: the local neighbourhood circulating library, where one would spend many an afternoon on a summer’s day following the adventures of Batman, or the origins of Superman while becoming the sixth of the Findoutter’s. Pushpendra Pandya aka Mr. CSL also has the distinction of being the first man to ask @BombayVigilante aka @RubyIyer out on a date. (And you thought HER was just confined to Hollywood?)

In the continuing Inspirational Avatars series, read more on what makes Mr. CSL such an incurable optimist!

Mr. Crowd Sourced Library

a. Why CrowdSourced Library? Do you remember the moment you had the idea?
Why CSL! Because it’s post all the computer revolutions, eventually most will perhaps turn to resolve: How to combat the loneliness of heart without typing & validating every human actions.

Offers variety.
Supports local, regional, national & international language books.
Free gyaan to those who wishes read such as slum kids, unemployed, single parents,,senior citizens & curiously confused college students and many more.

Saves real book reading experience. Preserves treasure of words where lovers can share secrets, strangers can scribble their numbers & some can just use beautiful bookmarks such as feathers of birds.
Books are useful to shape personal, professional & social life, like, mostly.

Idea occurred when? Um, I don’t recollect but it came & disappeared with some distractions.

b. Have you always been an incurable optimist?
Yes! There’s no fire without a spark. I’m like a cryptic monk in a coma. People like me for various reasons but can’t think of any apparent reason, why?

c. What’s the one thing you want to have accomplished in this life?
I don’t know. Really. I hadn’t ever imagined that after CSL, I’ll be involved in two more ventures of my own.Nothing I plan works. Seems I’m a miserable planner of my future. I could have easily saved Titanic with my confused foresights.

d. Why do we Indians love social media?
Most countries loves social media for its dynamic usage & diversity that it offers to users.
We Indians are like crows, everywhere, hence it occurs that we’re the only ones, obsessed about everything.

e. What’s been your most surprising moment in setting up India’s first crowdsourced library?
 My Amma was really happy when my interview was featured in HindustanTimes, Television Interview with IBN Lokmat & radio interviews. I keep meeting variety of people. That’s interesting. It’s fun doing this library work. It feels great at the end of the day.

Reach India’s First Crowd Sourced Library on twitter @PeculiarBlend
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