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January 12, 2017
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January 14, 2017
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Many Lives Series #paranormalromance #urbanfantasy #shifters #amreading #fantasybooks #NaliniSingh

“Laxmi’s stories grip you from the very first line and never let go ”

 Rebecca Hamilton, New York Times, USA Today and WSJ bestselling author

FERAL – Many Lives 1, FREE in KU

From New York Times Bestseller Laxmi Hariharan, the fast paced romantic start to the Many Lives Series

When your destiny is staring right at you and you just can’t see it?

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When your destiny stares right at you and you don’t see it…

He’s all I ever wanted
but, can I let myself love him?
I love her so I let her go
Will she come back to me?
Something about lethal, predatory, shifter Luke calls out me. He’s my fated mate.
It tears me apart, but I must walk away from him to find my blood family.
What I hadn’t counted on was uncovering secrets about my past.
Revelations that change my life forever.
I now face the ultimate test to become Alpha. If I lose, the future of my pack is at stake.
Can I overcome the challenge, while winning back the only man I want to be with?
A standalone paranormal romance sizzling with love, lust, betrayal and shifters. Contains violence and scenes of a sexual nature. This is book 1 of 2 in the main Many Lives Series. This duet is complete with Feral and Taken.

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“You don’t understand what it’s like to be a shifter. To feel the power course through you, feel the beast inside that you are not able to control. When I’m near you, Maya…” A fire flickers in Luke’s eyes, making them shine.

Unearthly eyes.

The silver in them lightens, and they seem almost platinum. That only happens when he’s angry or…aroused. Like now.

An answering hunger ignites my belly.

How could I have not sensed this earlier, this seamless heat that licks out from him and brushes me, asking to be let in? It dances around me, seducing me.

As if in a dream, I slide my legs over the side of the bed and get to my feet. Closing the short distance between us, I straddle Luke.

The muscles of his waist stiffen with tension. And that’s not the only part of him which is hard. His arousal strains against his jeans, the material rough against my inner thighs. He feels strong, powerful. So very male. My throat closes. I flick out my tongue to touch my lips that are throbbing in anticipation. His eyes dart down to my lips. Stay.

A pulse leaps to life at his temple.

He’s as aroused as me.

Reaching out, I trace the line that’s appeared between his eyebrows.

“You don’t know what you’re doing to me…” His voice shudders over my nerve endings, setting off little sparks of desire in their wake.

That only arouses me even more.

Heat spools off his skin. Dense. Erotic. Tugs at me. Pulls me closer. Closer still. I lean down and brush my lips over his.  He goes utterly still. Muscles vibrating with tension. As if his wolf is coiled, ready to leap. Liquid wanting runs through my blood. Almost out of my head with desire, I bite down on his lower lip. Sink my teeth in.

An answering shudder runs through Luke’s body.

Then his tongue thrusts into my mouth, tangling with mine. The sensations arrow straight to my core, and my thighs clench.

Moaning, I plunge my fingers through his hair. His arms snake around my waist. I am hauled against him, and then he moves. So fast that the air around us blurs. The next minute, I am on the bed, on my back, and Luke’s body covers mine. My wrists shackled, he holds them over my head. His eyes blaze, the color of liquid platinum. Molten desire pumps through my veins.

“I want you, Maya.” His voice rumbles up his chest. “My wolf has known you are its mate for years.”

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TAKEN – Many Lives 2, FREE in KU

When a promise to save the city means risking your heart…

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He was meant to protect me, but tore my heart apart

Now he’s back and wants to claim me

But I’ll never give in to him.  Not again.


I swore upon my mother’s deathbed.

To protect this city in her stead

So, I turned Aria away once; never again

But will I break my vow to keep her safe?

Everything in solider-poet Jai Iyeroy’s life has led up to his moment.  Everyone is counting on him.  And he plans to deliver.  But when Aria West comes back into his life, he vows to protect her—even if it means breaking his vow to the city.  Can Jai find a way to keep his promise while saving the only woman he’s ever loved?

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