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April 3, 2016
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April 11, 2016
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My April – August 2016 #amwriting resolutions

Inspired by this magnificent post from J A Konrath, I am doing something I’ve been mulling over for past few months. Writing  my resolutions.

Except, they are not annual resolutions. I am going to write out five monthly ones.

The reason for this is that everything around me is changing so fast, I am changing so fast thanks to my writing that a year feels too long. Three months is too short. So going with five months now but with the caveat I will revisit this in few months again.

So what am I going to do in next five months?

  1. Complete final Many Lives of Ruby Iyer, some pending edits.
  2. Finish contemporary romance full length novel in time. No, I won’t tell you how quickly I have to do it, but yes it’s gotta be done. Fast.
  3. Finish Shoot the Moon, the spin off of Many Lives that I am writing for a publisher by June.
  4. Stay off social media. For writing days, I swear I will not get on social media till I get to a decent word count. For my work-write days, I swear I’ll stay off social media so I am fully present at my job.
  5. Complete Second Lives – even if it is in short novella form by August.
  6. Finish first draft of Ascendants the first book, and draft out the second by December
  7. Engage less in all FB groups. Restrict posting in social media to certain windows during the day.
  8. Restrict marketing to strategic launch times only. Rest of the time, write. Try to get in at least one writing workshop while you are at it, if you can. Else read all books on writing you can find and craft podcasts.
  9. Pursue silence, own it. Find that centre, tap into that energy. Listen to that voice consciously. Heed it. Sense it. Follow it.
  10. Write fearlessly, openly. Write big. It’s okay. They can take it. Don’t worry about reviews. But, write smart, know where your writing fits. Which genre? Who is the reader? What do they like to read?  Know the genre thoroughly, then push its boundaries. Oh! And keep reading the genre you want to own.

What are your next five months resolutions?

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