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August 29, 2015
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On music to write to, afterhoursDJs & self-control

Been meaning to write this post for a while. About music and writing. I can only write with earphones stuck in my ears, music playing over it to drown out all the background noise in my head. It helps me focus. These days it also means applying self-control app to my computer so I also block out all the social media, and newspaper websites and Amazon websites too. Yah, yah. I know. It’s the equivalent of being blinkered, blinded and cut off from hearing anything in the real world. That’s what it takes to focus your mind. Or find a second of mindfulness in these multi-media turbulent times. But I digress. I was going to talk about music and writing.
As a teen, studying for my various exams, I had to listen to hard rock. That was it. Pink Floyd, Led Zeppellin, AC/DC, Bulletboys, Deep Purple. Yah, you get the drift. That was my bad girl, rebel, I hate the world, get out of my way before I run over you phase. Coming to think of it. I’m still in that phase. I just know how to hide it better
These days when I write it has to be electronica. Ideally mixed by Dutch or Detroit based DJs. Weird. Where did that come from right? But I find electronica in all its forms, especially techno and house, really help drown out the ambient noise in my head. It’s beats and no lyrics. So no distracting voices in my head. … other than the ones I hear when I write. Ha! Ha! Now you’re probably thinking I’m a bit schizophrenic which I probably am.

This one here by the Chemical Brothers (Hey Girl. Hey Boy), is my warm up track. Cannot. Explain. Why. But it gets me going, gets me to fire up the keyboard and kick off the words. Yes, it’s a well known track, wish I could pick out a more obscure one, but hey, no telling for taste is there? Like books which catch the readers’ fancy, some tunes too just stick in your head

My favourite radio channel right now, is this underground radio station called http://www.afterhoursdjs.org/ These DJs from the Netherlands, Poland and Detroit have kept me company on many a night. Do visit them. They are a great bunch.

Also over the years I’ve compiled a go-to, fail-safe, music to write to list on Spotify. And sharing it makes me feel almost as naked as sharing my books. Your music taste can tell a lot about you don’t you think? Also sheds so much light about your background and influences and what you are really, really thinking inside. So here’s my spotify playlist … Don’t judge me too harshly.

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