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August 29, 2014
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October 4, 2014
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has many forms
The two-faced Ram who refuses to take back his wife, after she is rescued from the ten-headed demon.
The child who hates the mother for wanting her to be something she is not
The rejection of vector a from vector b, is the component of a perpendicular to b, as opposed to its projection, which is parallel to b. Yeah, exactly. Rejection is as blaah!
When a body wants to push out the transplanted heart… Sometimes the transplanted heart cannot take to its new habitat, either.
Then, there is rejection therapy: wherein, you undergo a ceaseless series of rejections. Here, rejection is success: for being spurned makes you stronger… Apparently.
The Machiavellian ways of the world… The strings you sense but cannot comprehend.
This web of life you are caught in… You think you can tear your way through it. But really you just tie yourself up in knots.

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