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September 28, 2013
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November 10, 2013
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Ruby Iyer origins

The rape of the young girl in New Delhi on her way back from a movie a moving bus, generated a groundswell of emotion among many women in India—the country’s very own Pink Revolution. Not just because of the merciless nature of the crime but because harassment of women, is something that all those of us who travel by public transport in India are intimately familiar with.

Studying and working in Bombay for the first many years of my life, I dreaded the daily commute. Armed with little more than a thick book, stiletto heels of my every day footwear or the pointed end of the umbrella during the monsoons, I waited for the inevitable.—a brush, a stroke, a caress, a squeeze—before  resorting to whichever sharp object at my disposal that day to teach the offender a lesson he would not forget. If only I had known of Mace!

That horrific incident in Delhi, combined with my penchant for fantasy, and a particular partialness to superheroes in general, made me wish there was a female vigilante: a robo cop who would roam the streets of the city teaching these bad guys a lesson they would never forget; so they would think often before distressing yet another one of us. Now thanks to Ruby Iyer we do. 

Meet Ruby Iyer

Ruby Iyer has spent her entire life trying to fit in. But, when she wakes up from a freak accident, she is disturbed to find her personality changing in ways beyond her control. Things get very complicated when she finds herself attracted to Vikram Roy, a UK returned special forces cop, who she must team up with to save Bombay from the clutches of the enigmatic Dr. Kamini Braganza. Ruby realizes she must overcome her own fears,  and use all her skills to confront Dr. Braganza, even if it means walking into a trap. All of which, is still easier than acknowledging her real feelings for Vikram, whose help she will need in carving out a future for the city.

The Many Lives of RUBY IYER is out November 2014. Meanwhile, here’s a sneak peak into the Ruby Iyer’s diaries

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