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February 15, 2013
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February 20, 2013
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She does not have a voice?

So the Duchess Of Cambridge doesn’t respond to Hilary Mantel’s remarks because she’s not allowed to say anything?  Huh?

“Of course Kate has opinions,” say the Palace spokespeople. “At least, we think she does. She’s never expressed any to us.” Really? More here

Where exactly is this taking place? In modern London which houses the silicon roundabout, where beats the future? You could have fooled me.

In the age of twitter, when even inanimate brands are fighting to have a personality, it seems ironical that this beautiful, sophisticated woman is simply not allowed to have a voice?

In fact the Royal Family is behaving exactly like any big corporation—simply not listening to criticism from its customers, or perhaps hearing them, but binding its brand manager down with so many rules that she simply is not able to say or do anything.

If you take the analogy further Kate’s (lack of) approach is perhaps not dissimilar to what a beginner would do on joining a prestigious firm. In your early years, you don’t rock the boat. You simply toe the line (ie. play the part of the beautiful media-ready princess flawlessly), win the trust of the powers that be (beget the heir), and then start taking risks (speak up for yourself).

Yet, a teeny part of me wonders if indeed she really does have the spark to stand up for herself, or is her plan really to just make her royal bed and lie in it?

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