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July 10, 2011
Game of years, hunters, gunmen & dying young
July 24, 2011
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So the latest

Got some great feedback from Jacq at So what I am doing is now taking my fantasy book and grounding it in the real world. Am really enjoying the process. This new version is a much more grown up easy to get into version that I am personally enjoying re-reading. It doesn’t make me uncomfortable unlike my previous epic fantasy where I had to run to keep up with the words. The characters are much more humane. Also had some great feedback from Josh at on my short story. Very encouraging. Check out Open Pen magazine if you are in London. Sean & Josh are keeping the flag flying for independent publishing. And wrote all this while overlooking my own slice of wilderness in London – waiting for the Pampas Grass in my backyard to blossom. Until the next post then!

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