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TAKEN #paranormalromance #action #fantasy #shifters

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August 25, 2016
FERAL #paranormal #shifters #romance #urbanfantasy
September 29, 2016
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TAKEN #paranormalromance #action #fantasy #shifters


“Love, lust, betrayal AND Shifters, this book has it all”

“Edge of seat action and sizzling romance. Don’t miss this.”

Will you walk away from everything you know to save the love of your life?

Aria West: I was meant to kill him but just one look from him felled me instead.

Jai Iyeroy: I cannot lose her again. This time I will do anything to keep her safe.

Three years ago Jai let the only woman he ever loved, walk out of his life, but Aria’s back now. Except she is in danger. And this time Jai will do anything, even break his vow to protect his city, to keep her safe.

A second chance paranormal action-romance, featuring shifters. Book 2 in the Many Lives Series.

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Excerpt from TAKEN

Jai stands not four feet away, fists clenched at his side as if controlling himself.

His eyes rake over my skin, leaving little pinpricks of fire in their wake. The heat spools off him. It crashes over me, curling around me, playing over the tops of my breasts, flowing down my waist, lower still. Tugging at the base of my groin, pulling at me. My mouth goes dry, and the pulse thunders at my throat.

I can’t breathe.

Can’t move my eyes from his face either.

My fingers loosen and the towel slithers over my skin, sliding down my legs, falling around my feet.

Jai inhales sharply and the chords of his throat move as he swallows. Amber flames spark in his eyes. His jaw hardens as if he’s angry.

As if he’s made up his mind.

He takes a step towards me and another and a third, till he’s standing right in front of me.

Heat plumes off him again and I can smell him now. The bittersweet smell that makes my mouth water. Goosebumps erupt on my skin and I resist the temptation of winding my arms around my waist to cover myself.

He leans down, his head coming towards me and I lift my own. I close my eyes.

I want this. I want him. Want the sight of him to wipe away everything I’ve seen in the Jungle on the sea journey to get to Bombay, one which I’d been sure I wouldn’t survive. And before that. Before my father was killed, before we’d lost our home. I push that away too.

I am here.


And I can feel him.

Can sense the life coursing through his veins. The desire coming off him in waves. He’s turned on. I know that. I can feel his arousal. And I want to surrender. I want to bury my nose in his chest and smell him, take him in, fill myself with him and…

He drapes the towel around me, over my arms, knotting it above my breasts. The tips of his fingers brush my skin and I shiver, not opening my eyes. I inhale sharply, my cheeks flushing.

He still doesn’t move.

His gaze burns a path over my skin, leaving flickers of fire in their wake. The heat from him is overpowering, swirling around me, a living connection. Dense. Heavy. So real I can reach out and touch it, sink into it.

And still he stays motionless.

He’s not going to kiss me or touch me again.

Heat drenches me and I want to die of mortification. I curse myself again, bite the inside of my cheeks, when…a soft touch as if he’s brushed his lips over mine. My eyes fly open but already he’s moving away, towards the bedroom door, shutting it softly behind him…

My knees tremble, almost giving way under me. Pulling my hands free I unwrap the towel and hobble to the bed. To where he’s laid out a fresh set of clothes. His clothes. Slipping into the too large shorts and T-shirt, I knot a belt around my waist, winding it around twice before cinching it in.

I hobble to the living room to find him standing by the window looking out.

‘Why?’ I ask.

The sound whispers over the rawness in my throat, every breath feeling as if it’s scraping against sandpaper.

He doesn’t turn, doesn’t acknowledge me. His back is ramrod straight and even without seeing his eyes I know the soldier in him is back. He’s put those barriers up between us and now I’ll never be able to get through to him again.

‘Why, Jai?’

Why did you kiss me?

Why did you walk away from me just now?

When he still doesn’t say anything, a flash of anger ignites. Without realizing it, I move forward and am halfway across the room when he turns and asks, ‘Why what?’ His voice is casual, his eyes shuttered. He leans back against the wall, his hip thrust out slightly, indolent, as if he doesn’t care that I’m here with him in this room.

I know he does care.

He must.

Ignoring the burn from my wounded leg, I take the few steps forward to bridge the space between us till I’m right in front of him. Almost touching. Close enough to see the amber sparks swirl in his eyes. I know then that he’s not as unaffected as he’d like to pretend.

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He was her destination.

She just didn’t know it

When Maya leaves her mate Luke in search of her blood family, she also uncovers secrets about her past. Read this heart-wrenching start to the Many Lives Series.

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