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June 26, 2015
“ the detective is searching and searching and searching, and the culprit is him. ”
July 8, 2015
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That hundred year old feeling

Over the past few weeks I have found that I am very tired.
Really tired.
Bone weary, drop dead tired. Like a meteor slammed into me. It’s one of the following reasons
1) The final, final (final I hope) re-edit of Many Lives kicked me in
2) The writing of The First Life of Vikram Roy. Okay that’s done. But then then the thought of starting on its edit is like totally killing me.
3) Am getting old
4) Not getting out enough
5)Too addicted to social media for all the wrong reasons
6) All of the above
Obviously all of the above. So I did the only thing a lonely, social-media friendly author with no real world friends any more would do. I took a selfie of my sorry old self. And then Instagrammed the hell out of it (below) So I looked kinda decent.

My FB friends have been kind enough to say, they have seen worse. 
Some reminded me of their own personal issues … Many grappling with life and death situations far worse than what I am going through.
And I realized, yet again, how I’ve gone into my teeny-tiny shell and been too focussed on MY own problems.
So then, enough self pity. Take a break. Enjoy the flowers. Then get back to finishing the edits.
And here are the hydrangeas in full bloom in my garden. 
Life’s never that bad. It really isn’t.
Not even when you feel a hundred years old.
Ever felt a hundred years old too? When? Do write and tell me.

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