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July 7, 2015
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July 17, 2015
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“ the detective is searching and searching and searching, and the culprit is him. ”

So by now you must have seen True Detective, season 1 and the episodes of season 2 out already. Today I read a piece about it’s writer & creator – Nic Pizzolatto. I read it all in one go, this long article. And at the end of it all I could think was, boy, there was so much in this I really identified with. And I had to analyse why. So here it is. (Link to the Vanity Fair article is at the very end of the post) quotes from the story and then me doing my shrink thing on myself.

“the detective is searching and searching and searching, and the culprit is him.”

–> Don’t we all search and search and the answers are all within us.

… in Nic’s conception, every character is driven by a particular engine. Well, maybe this was why. Maybe Nic himself is driven by some early trauma. 

–> Yes. This is it. This is what I have found to be true in my writing. My characters are driven by something. And normally I don’t find the motivations, the reason for their actions in my first draft. No I have to go back and ask. Go back and pull aside the actions, the physicality that I fill my first draft with. Dig inside to find out why. Why did she/ he do that? What makes her/ him they way they are. Perhaps it’s because in real life too, I act first on instinct. And then later have to analyse my actions to understand why I did that thing I did.

“I tend to be influenced by places as much as anything,” he said. “You look around and notice details and it starts to form a world and then you find characters to inhabit this world.”

—>Yes. Geography dictates what you are, what you become. Geography and location are characters in my writing. They influence my characters’ reactions.

The [characters] inhabit a poisoned dystopia. It’s literally toxic…. These stories take place in areas where the revelation has already happened. The apocalypse has come and gone, and no one’s quite woken up to that fact.”

–> Ah! Here it is. Dystopia is here. Today. Now. I believe. Too.

Then this person wakes up in the morning, what’s the first feeling they’re having?

–> And you? What do you feel? Do I feel, you ask? 

It helped it starred Colin Farrell too

Here is the link to the original Vanity Fair piece

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