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September 11, 2011
October 3, 2011
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Touched by an alien

 Was watching an ESPN promo cut by a colleague yesterday. The man in the ad is so obsessed by the FA cup that he uses his fork to shape his mashed potatoes into the FA cup itself. And then I had a flashback – the scene clearly lifted from Close Encounters of the third kind.  Followed by an epiphany – I had seen the the perfect ending to my life story. To walk into the UFO and move to Mars. How can a scene from the movie which I had seen 25 years ago have such a big subliminal impact on me? You could say that this is the 21st century equivalent of the dream suicide.                              

The exact opposite to the above sentiment is reading Never have I found an author (a Brit at that!) with oodles of enthusiasm (she almost sounds American) on how to make money through writing for oneself. A life every writer such as you, dreams about but which very few of us every get around to, knowing the pitfalls that come in the way of a non nine to five job. A lot of the advise here resonated with me.

For the most productive writing phases of my life is on struggling awake at 5 am, bribing myself with cups of sweetened tea, then writing for at least an hour. A page a day. Not bad. A sentence, a word, a letter at a time.

And  having turned the corner it seemed like instead of driving myself harder, I suddenly feel a huge lack of … uh! what you may call it…motivation.

As if I failed myself somehow (what nonsense, you say?  See what all you have achieved!) Yes I did. Can embark on visa-less travel but conversely travel much less now.

So right now, am taking it one step at a time. Going back to what I really enjoy doing.  One completed task at each stage. If you are hesitating don’t. Just do it. And tell me when you get that first breakthrough.

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